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For the past 50 years Snider & Associates has provided residential and commercial land surveying services in Maryland and the Washington DC area. Snider & Associates was founded in 1966 as Eldon E. Snider & Associates. Since opening, we have remained a family-owned and operated business, well-known for providing our clients with knowledgeable, reliable and personalized services. Presently, ownership is in the second generation of the family. Ed Snider owns and manages the firm with a continuing commitment to build on the excellence achieved in the first fifty years in business.

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Whether you're a homeowner, developer, architect, engineer, or site contractor, we have the tools and skills to make sure your land surveying needs are fulfilled. We provide accurate and precise measurements using the latest technologies.

Snider & Associates utilizes state-of-the-art Robotic InstrumentsTotal Station Surveying Systems, data collectors, and CADD workstations to assure our clients receive a top quality assessment. Though our firm is relatively small, we posses capabilities not found among many of our competitors. A sincere desire to provide our clients with the professional, personalized attention needed to assure a quality product coupled with decades of experience ensures that our clients will receive the best work possible in their land surveying.

Our Surveying Services Include:
homes, yards, and landscaping
developers, subdivisions and construction stakeouts
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We provide a wide range of surveying services on residential and commercial properties to various types of clientele:
Property Staking and Boundary. Establishing property corner markers, property lines and accurate location of existing improvements. These services are provided to homeowners, architects, builders, contractors, attorneys, etc. for fence installation, landscaping, property line dispute/resolution, additions to existing homes and new home design.
Topographic Surveys. Field survey to provide spot elevations and contours on a property for landscape design, grading, new construction, retaining walls, etc.
Drainage Plans. Design of systems for the control/conveyance of water runoff on sites.
Site Planning. Site planning services are provided for new homes and addition projects. We utilize the survey data, architectural drawings and input from the client to create the final product for permit application.
Wall Checks. Provide drawings to show the location of foundations for new homes, new buildings and additions in Maryland, and recordation of the survey for projects in the District of Columbia.
Survey to Mark. Field surveying to establish the property corner markers and recordation of the survey in the Office of Surveyor in the District of Columbia.
Construction S/O. Providing survey points to direct builders and contractors where to construct new homes, additions, buildings, streets, utilities, etc. on residential and commercial projects.
ALTA/NSPS Land Tile Surverys. Typically, these surveys are provided to attorneys and title companies for commercial real estate transactions.
Location Drawings (Mortgage Surveys). These surveys are provided to attorneys and title companies for the purposes of settlements. Location drawings are not sufficient for erection of fences, addition design, or property line determination.

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